Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17th in Houston TX.

Houston Texas was a massive slamdown.

Before we took the roll to H. Town, we spent the day hanging in Austin for the day (BOOM! bad grammer). Doing laundry, hanging with the amazingly lovely Trilby Nelson, using puuters, and seeing our master-bros The Poison Control Center slay the day away at a bike shop. Twas chill.

Then in drove to Houston to play some beats at Super Happy Fun Land. We saw some dopeass bands, we drank some dopeass green beer in honor of our boy Patrick.

THEN WE PLAYED SOME SLAMMING BEATS. It was my (philip) first show of the tour and it felt like diving into a pool of lava covered in chocolate. Fucking lava covered in chocolate. Lava. Chocolate.

After out set ma main bru Dom threw down his FIRST EVER WORLD PREMIER Little Ruckus set. It was third level. Jaw shitting, game stopping, death match winning.

Next, Mumford's. We've seen this band over one thousand times, and this was one of the most
savage things we've seen created by humans.

Next, Black Magic Marker feat. Lorak. Savagery at it's savagest.

Next, tuns of fun-ass photos. Love them, as we love you.

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